Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Revs - Teenager Video

Revs is quite literally a living legend when it comes to the New York City street art scene. He's never sold a piece, individualism is what hes all about. Not only is he highly original in his sculptures (of which there are hundreds of in the greater New York area) he is also highly respected as a diverse writer and historical figure in the street art/ graffiti movement. I mean this is a guy who was caught a while back by the police wearing a stolen subway workers uniform just so he could go undetected into the underbelly of the subway system and paint over 200 journal entries on the walls. Revs has been prolific in all aspects of graffiti, bombing, stencils, tags, throw ups, rollers, wheat pasting, you fuckin' name it. And - if this video is any indication he would be a hilarious guy to hang out with for the day. I'd love to drink a few with him.


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