Monday, November 06, 2006

Do Make Say Think

Do Make Say Think are easily one of the most original bands I've ever heard. I've been lucky enough to see them play live and they blew me away. Atmospheric like Sigur Ros, clever and all this without the use of vocals. Their first album is my personal fav and is summed up nicely on Do Make Say Thinks label: Constellation Records.

Do Make Say Think self-released this debut album in Toronto in1997, and we heard it the following spring. The band's infectious spacerock-cum-swing approach to sweeping instrumentals, and their brilliant realization of the potentials of 8-track recording, hooked us instantly. Rhythm syncopation, reverb-soaked guitar, the occasional horn, and some of the finest saturated synth tones we've ever heard - this record conjures up rainy streets and wet cigarettes with the best of them. A classic modern lounge album that also shreds, with widescreen breakbeat blissouts driven by punk-rock guitars. An exuberant debut, containing all the building blocks DMST has been transforming into sublime music architectures ever since.

They have a few videos on Youtube, here is one:

And here is a link so some complete excellent quality live shows you can stream or download for FREE. Thank you o wonderful Live Archive.

Enjoy. Don't be shy to comment....lemme know yer out there..


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